“…and the fig trees in the Alameda gardens”

“…and the figtrees in the Alameda gardens”

 Installation in the Garrison Library, Gibraltar, 2013

16mm films,  a vitrine with archive, interventions in the library bookcases and a display on desk furniture.


Upper Reading Room  

Vitrine Left:  ‘Image and Narrative’ 2013,  from the film First Memory
Vitrine Right: ‘Mappings and Readings’ 2013, from the film Stabat Mater

Stabat Mater 1990 (8 mins)
First Memory 1981 (20 mins)

Bookcases :  Four influential essays

Map Room
Close to Home, 1985, (30 mins)
Partner’s Desk:  Untitled 2013, photograph, map and letter from the film Close to Home

“…and the figtrees in the Alameda gardens” with text by Nina Danino, ‘Gibraltar and the Filmic Imagination’, Mousse Publishing, Milan, 2013

Press Release

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“...and the figtrees in the Alameda gardens,  invitation card, 2013.

“...and the figtrees in the Alameda gardens”, The Garrison Library, Upper Reading Room, 2013

Photo  John Bugeja