Apparitions 2013 UK

HD, Super 8, sound, 15 mins

Black and white Super 8 footage is combined with HD images of black and white photographs held in close up reflection, as thoughts and responses to these images are spoken live to the camera.  The sound has audio fragments of the films (La Dolce Vita 1960 and The Gospel According to St. Matthew 1964 ) from the same time as the photographs were taken.


Film Credits
Filmed and Spoken by Nina Danino
Elena Danino “Historia de un Amor”

Electronic Composition Paul B. Davis
Editor Katherine Lee
Produced by Temporal Films ©2013


Screenings and Exhibition
Film on the Rocks, Yao Noi, Thailand 2013
FotoEspana – Galeria Magda Bellotti, Madrid, 29th May -25th July 2014


Apparitions is part of Una vaga zona geográfica/A Vague Geographic Zone – an ongoing cycle of small intimate works and writing which draw on images and sounds from her archive and repertoire about the Mediterranean as an irreducible intersubjective collage of memory, photographs, place, novels, films, set in the  climate and geography of a small region around Gibraltar and the Straits.