Sorelle Povere di Santa Chiara

Sorelle Povere di Santa Chiara

This project is a response to the idea of simplicity and poverty which is the guiding principle of order of Poor Clares. After a year of liaison I was invited together with the production team to spend a few days in the Monastery of Santa Chiara in the Republic of San Marino to film and record the life of the members of the community.

‘Voices of the Sirens’, Montagu Bastion, 24 June – 21 August 2015

In Vault 2 is a video consisting of interviews with each of the 10 nuns in the community. The video is 40 mins. The video is accompanied by the questions and transcript of the interviews translated from the original Italian into English.

In Vault 3 is an audio installation on a loop consisting of the voices of each nun, the field recordings of the monastery and a 6-part choir arranged for 6 speakers. 13.45 mins

My profound gratitude to the Sorelle Povere, in the monastery of Santa Chiara, San Marino.