Sorelle Povere di Santa Chiara

Photos: Dean Brannagan


Sorelle Povere di Santa Chiara, 2016


I made a number of  works made with the community of Poor Clares, in the Monastery of Santa Chiara, Republic of San Marino.  I recorded a video of individual testimonies by the ten nuns in the community who each responds to a set of questions, 40 mins. The installation includes a transcript of the interviews in Italian and translated into English and a 6-channel audio of the voices of each nun and field recordings of the monastery, 13.45 mins.

My profound gratitude to the Sorelle Povere, in the monastery of Santa Chiara, San Marino.


For the chapel at St. Augustine’s Church, London, a flatbed TV positioned above the chapel altar presented a  dyptich which consisted of the 16mm film Sorelle Povere di Santa Chiara (2016) and the video interviews (2016).   The 6-channel audio played over the church audio system in scheduled programme. Available church stands were used to display printed transcriptions of the audio.


A small publication with an essay by Nina Danino was added to the installation displayed in the chapel niche. Both publications are designed by Fraser Muggeridge Studio.


With support from a Research Award, Department of Art, Goldsmiths, 2018.


Installation views

Austin Forum, St. Augustine’s Church, Hammersmith, London  30 October-30 November, 2018

‘Voices of the Sirens’, Montagu Bastion, Gibraltar 24 June – 21 August 2015