Temenos 1998 Great Britain/France

35mm/16mm/Beta SP, colour and black and white, sound, 75 mins

Temenos means ‘ritual precinct’, a sacred place, a place apart.

Filmed in places in Europe where the Virgin is said to have appeared or still be appearing.

“Temenos is a searingly beautiful invocation of the persistence of place that has the power to inscribe contemporary political and social circumstances with the memory of the past. Like Tarkovsky’s Stalker, Rosellini’s Stromboli and Lars von Trier’s Breaking the Waves. Temenos is a haunted territory of unmapped histories and emotions. A fierce place that can be as gentle and devastating as a whisper” Helen de Witt , “The Persistence of Spirit”, Luxonline Artists’ Film and Video Collection

Original Soundtrack by Sainkho Namtchylak, Shelley Hirsch and Catherine Bott

Film Credits
Photography: David Scott, Nick Gordon Smith
Produced by Nina Danino and James Mackay Basilisk Films
Financed by The British Film Institute, CICV—Centre Pierre Schaeffer, Montbéliard, Belfort, France The London Production Fund, National Lottery, The Arts Council of England

1998  World Premiere: The 52nd Edinburgh International Film Festival
Festival Book of Lists: Voted 1st of 12 Films with Fab Soundtracks
42nd London International Film Festival

1997 Tracks released in States,  Shelley Hirsch, Tellus  TE-C003/1997
2000 Theatrical Release, London and UK Regional Cinemas
2000 CD  Temenos, film soundtrack, Leo Records CDLR320
2004 DVD History of the Avant-Garde series, London: British Film Institute

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ISBN 1 904772 07 2 2002

Temenos invitation card, 1998

EIFF Programme, 1998

EIFF, Book of Lists, 1998

LFF Catalogue cover, 1998

LUX Sacred Places flyer, 2000

Temenos Press Release, 1997

Sainkho Namtchylak, 1991
Photo Dagmar Gebers