The Silence is Baroque

The Silence is Baroque 1997 The Netherlands

Super 8, DV, 16mm, colour, sound 12 mins

The rough voices of men open the film soundtrack, they banter in Italian about taking flowers to the cemetery. Filmed in Granada and Seville during Holy Week, the camera is in the middle of the noisy processions that commemorate the Passion of Christ. It views the spectacle looking up at the massive structures as they pass by. The soundtrack mixes the music recorded live on location, the voices and cries of the people and the sacred paens and laments. In the middle of this cacophony is The Silence, a totemic sculpture from the 17th century representing the moment after the final expiration of Christ which is processed at midnight in total silence. The dark heart of the art history of Spain is captured in the hyper realistic effigies by the master artists of the Baroque such as this one, carved by Jose de Mora. After it passes, we cross over into an explosion of colour and noise of a new day – where people throng the streets, sit in cafes and enjoy life. Popular devotion is expressed in the applause for life intrinsic to the celebration of the passion of death – in the defiant energy of the Baroque.


Film Credits
Directed by Nina Danino
Singer: Anonymous
Location sound recording: Paco Tejero
Avid Editors: Jaime Estrada, Graham McGuiness
Sound Engineer : David Hunt
Dubbing Mixer: Billy Mahoney

Episode in the portmanteau feature film Rainbow Stories 75 mins. 1997, The Netherlands
Producer: Karel Doing, Studio één, The Netherlands

1997 Premiere:  Rotterdam International Film Festival, The Netherlands