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Theorem 2018: Doctorial research in the visual arts and design by Jane Boyer (Author Editor, Nina Danino Essay), pp221-243 Cambridge School of Art, Anglia Ruskin, University. Ruskin Arts Publications. 2019 View Book

‘Jennifer’ pp 41-46 essay in small publication Microcinema, New Artist’s Moving Image, Then and Now, Eds. James Mackay, Daniel Fawcett & Clara Pais, Cambridge Film Trust, 2017  ISBN 978 1-9998399-0-1

Stabat Mater – A Nameless Place – Film, the Feminine and the Sacred‘. Chapter pp150-157 in The Sacred and the Feminine-Imagination and Sexual Difference, Griselda Pollock and Victoria, Turvey-Sauron eds London:  I.B.Tauris, 2007 P310  ISBN (Hardback) 978 1 84511 520 3  ISBN (Paperback) 978 1 84511 521 0  View Book

‘”Now I am yours” – Film, The Body, The Fold’, Pp93-101, Interview by Susanna Poole, Experimental Film and Video Anthology, Jackie Hatfield ed., London: John Libbey Publishing. 2006 ISBN 0-86196-664-3. View Book

Speaking in the Dark; Film the Voice and Teresa of Jesus‘speaking texts’’, Pp 66-77 , Visionary Landscapes,  Black Dog Publishing2005  ISBN 1 904772 07 2

Landscape, Film and the Visionary’, Pp120-128, Visionary Landscapes, Black Dog Publishing, 2005  ISBN  1 904772 07 2

Temenos and Other Places‘, pp20-23, Filmwaves, Issue 5 Summer 1998.


Talks and interviews


Religion and Art : a  CHASE Research symposium scheduled for November 2020   Visit website here

I Die of Sadness Crying For You  (2019) –  Voice and Performance.  Screening and Q&A with Maria Palacios Cruz.

Study Day with  Mercedes Carbayo Abengozar, Nuria Triana Toribio, Nina Danino chaired by Catherine Grant.  Performances by special guests musician Violeta Valladares and artist Adam Christensen.  Hosted by LUX with The Cervantes Institute, London and Birkbeck Institute for the Moving Image BIMI, University of London 6 -7 December 2019  Pdf documentation here

Cinema Radio Podcast “Interview with FredFilm Radio #NinaDanino presents her new film #IDIEOFSADNESSCRYINGFORYOU at #FredFilmRadio during the #LondonFilmFestival2019. 11 October 2019  Interview by Chiara Nicoletti. View here 

Nina Danino: Capturing an aura – the human presence on film.  Interview by Mary White, Cassone, online art history magazine, July 2012. www.cassone-art.com  Read interview here

Rupture/Rapture/Jouissance – The Religious Trilogy 1990-1997 DVD. Launch Event with a reading from St. Teresa of Avila, 16mm screening of Stabat Mater (1990) and “Now I am yours” (1992). In conversation Nina Danino with the writer Adrian Rifkin hosted by LUX 18 November 2018.  Listen here

‘Frame by Frame’ Interview by Alice Mascarenhas, Gibraltar Chronicle, 9 March 2006.  See article here.

 LUXONLINE Interview by Lucy Reynolds published 2 April 2009. View 

The Touching Camera: The Body in the Works of Nina Danino, Jo-Ann Kaplan, Sarah Pucill, (La Cinepresa toccante).  Documentary dir. Susanna Poole, London Guildhall University and Santalucia Produzione 1998.


On experimental film


Inscription and Materiality – Women’s films in the context of the London Filmmakers’ Co-op.  Writing and Conversations including with Sarah Pucill, Jayne Parker, Lis Rhodes, Barbara Meter.  In progress

Artists’ Writing – Undercut and the London Filmmakers’ Co-operative. Panel Discussion with Peter Gidal, Michael Mazière, Nina Danino chaired by Kathryn Siegal, held at the Reuben Library during the celebrations of 50 Years of the London Filmmakers’ Cooperative, BFI Southbank  9 May 2016.

‘Women of the London Filmmakers Co-op’, Pp 164-179 (16p). Round table discussion convened by Nina Danino. Authors: Nina Danino, Jean Matthee, Ruth Novaczek, Sarah Pucill, Allia Syed. Chaired by Maria Palacios Cruz, Moving Image Review and Art Journal , MIRAJ Volume 4 No 1 and 2, Intellect Books, 2015

‘London Filmmakers’ Co-op – The Second Generation, pp. 236-247 (12p). Round table discussion convened by Nina Danino and Michael Mazière. Authors: Nina Danino, James, Mackay, Michael Mazière, Vicky Smith, William Fowler, Moving Image Review and Art Journal, MIRAJ, Collectives Volume 3 No. 2 Intellect Books, 2015

‘Cinema without Cinema’, Pp29-30, Cat.Experiments in Moving Image, Jackie Hatfield and Stephen Littman, eds., Epigraph Publications, 2005  ISBN: 1 902458 06 0  Catalogue for survey show of 50 years of film and video. View Cat.

 ‘The Intense Subject’, Pp 8-12. The Undercut Reader – Critical Writings on Artists’ Film and Video, Nina Danino and Michael Mazière eds. London: Wallflower Press, 2002  P 277 ISBN 1903364-47-7.

The Undercut Reader – Critical Writings on Artists’ Film and Video, Nina Danino and Michael Mazière eds. London: Wallflower Press 2002  P 277 ISBN 1903364-47-7.  A volume of critical writings on film and video by theorists, critics and artists and including photo essays by artists from the journalUndercut(1980-1990). Prefaced by five commissioned essays by Nina Danino, Barry Schwabsky, Michael Mazière,  Michael O’Pray and Julia Knight. View Book