Photo: Jane Atkins 


Winter of Artifice   3.50  2022 

Solitude (2022) 72 minutes, sound, black and white and colour. Publicity Link 

Religion and Art: A series of keynote talks by José Carlos Diaz, Adrian Rifkin, Tina Beattie and Jarel Robinson-Brown. Hosted by Nina Danino and Mark Dean, May-July 2022.  Website Page Talks

“…and a complete change came over the colour of the sea and the sky” – Mediterranean works in the region of Gibraltar, the Bay, the Straits and visits to Tangier. GIBRALTAR en SureS, Revista SureS, Edición Invierno 2021 – 2022 – Tánger Digital copies of the issue may be purchased via this link: Journal Online

Religion and Art, Session 3 Adam Niekirk, Adrian Rifkin, Nina Danino, Linda Mary Montano, June 2021   Uploaded Recording: Nina Danino Talk at 1 hr 10 mins.