1955                    Born  Gibraltar
1973-l977          B.A. Painting,  St. Martin’s School of Art , London
1979-l981   ����������������������      M.A.  Environmental Media, Royal College of Art, London

Nina Danino lives and works in London.




First Memory  1980  UK
2 screen Multi-Media Projection
Slide tape, Super 8 film, colour, sound, 27 mins 20 secs
Premiere:  About Time/Women’s Images of Men, Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA), London 1980
First Memory  1981  UK
16mm, colour, magnetic sound, 20 mins
Premiere:  New Contemporaries, ICA, London  1981
Close to Home  1982-1985 UK
16mm, black and white, sound, 28 mins
Premiere:  Edinburgh International Film Festival 1985
Stabat Mater  1990  UK
16mm, colour, sound, 8 mins
Premiere :  Personalities, Sexualities, Identities,
33rd London International Film Festival,1990
“Now I am yours” 1992 UK
16mm, colour and black and white, sound, 32 mins
Premiere: Dreams, Visions and Rapture, Art and
Experiment, 37th London International Film Festival 1993
Broadcast:   Late Night Experiment, Channel Four TV,  Kunst Kanaal TV, The Netherlands, Eat Carpet, SBS-TV, Australia  1993


The Silence is Baroque  1997 The Netherlands
– Episode in the portmanteau feature film Rainbow Stories 75 mins.  l997 The Netherlands
The Silence is Baroque
16mm, colour, sound, 12 mins
Premiere: Rotterdam International Film Festival, The Netherlands, 1997
Temenos  1998  Great Britain/France
35mm/16mm/Beta SP, colour and black and white, sound, 75 mins
World Premiere, The 52nd Edinburgh International Film Festival 1998

Festival Book of Lists: Temenos top film: 12 Films with Fab Soundtracks.

Temenos,The 42ns London International Film Festival, 1998,  Lux Cinema, London
2000 – Cinema Release Lux Cinema, London and prog  rammed at Regional Cinemas,
2004- DVD Release  Temenos, 1998, dir. Nina Danino,  History of the Avant-Garde series, London: British Film Institute
Communion 2010
UK, 35mm, black and white, silent, transferred to High Definition, 10 minutes
Premiere :  From Floor to Sky – British Sculpture and the Studio Experience” AmbikaP3, London 2010
Apparitions 2013
UK, HD and Super 8 film, black and white, sound, 15 minutes
Screening:  Film on the Rocks, Yao Noi, Thailand 2013
First Exhibition:  Galeria Magda Bellotti, Festival-Off, PHOTOESPANA 2014


Meteorologies  2013
Artist’s book and Audio  CD  21 mins
Gibraltar-Genoa 2012
Continuous live  Radio Broadcasts broadcasts for a window facing the sea.
Terrace 2012
Video loop of extract of the balcony scene from Journey to Italy, Dir. Roberto Rossellini, accompanied by a wall text


DVDs and CDs

2013     Meteorologies CD Soundtrack 21 mins
2012        Little Constellation DVD  Box set  Mousse Publications, CD No13  Includes documentation of Gibraltar-Genoa 2012 and Terrace 2012, Villa Croce Museum of Contemporary Art, Genoa.
2005        Film Trilogy – Stabat Mater (1990), “Now I am yours” (1992), The Silence is  Baroque (l997) DVD and booklet 52 mins,
2004     ����  Temenos, 1998, DVD, History of the Avant-Garde series, London:, British Film Institute
2000        Temenos, CD  film soundtrack with Sainkho Namchylak, Shelly Hirsch and soprano Catherine Bott, Leo                  Records LR320

1997        States, CD Shelley Hirsch, New York: Tellus, TE-C003/1997.  Tracks 13-18 “Now I am yours” and  ����      Temenos by Shelley Hirsch




2015   Sorelle Poveres de Santa Chiara, (solo) Listen to the Sirens, Montagu Bastion, Gibraltar 24 June – 30 August 2015

2013   �� �������…and the figtrees in the Alameda gardens��������������� (solo)  The Garrison Library, Gibraltar 12   November- 4th December 2013

            Installation of Communion at the Queen’s Cinema, Gibraltar , 12-14th November 2013

 ������   ����  ������  Installation  of Communion at the Heath Street Baptist Church,  London NW3 Artprojx. 12-28 October 2013  ����������������������       Slide/Tape: Key Work in the UK since the 1960s, Vivid,  Birmingham ,    4 October -30          November   John     Akomfrah, Nina Danino, Cordelia Swan, Sunil Gupta, Bill                Furlong   curated by Mary   White

                  Meteorgologies, Subjective Maps/Disappearances, National Gallery of Iceland, Reykjavik, Iceland 18 curated by Halldor Bjorn Runolfsson, Alessandro Castigilioni, Rita Canarezza, Pier Paolo Coro

May-6th July 2013

2012       Films de Nina Danino, Centro de Arte Contemporaneo (CAC), Malaga, Spain 2 December 2012

Communion, Cambridge Film Festival, 2012

Communion, Comraich/Sanctuary, Mount Stuart Contemporary Visual Arts Programme,������������ Ian Bourne,      ���������������������� ������������������    ����     Gill Clarke and ������  ���� Lucy Skaer, Nina Danino, Kate Davis.Curated by Sophie Crighton ���Stuart and ��  ���� ������   ����������������������  James      �� Mackay, Isle of Bute,���� Scotland  23 June—31st October, 2012

Terrace, Gibraltar-Genoa , The Land seen from the Sea, Villa Croce Museum of Contemporary Art,          Genoa,Italy  4 February -4May  2012.  Curated by Alessandro Castiglioni, Rita Canarezza, Pier Paolo             Coro, Francesca Serrati.

2011        “Now I am yours” in L’Ospite e L’Instruso, Nina Danino & Giovanni Caravaggio, Studio Ermanno Cristini, Varese, 9-30 April 2011.  Curated by Alessandro Castiglioni.

Stabat Mater in Maya Deren in Context -British Women���s Filmmaking , Maya Deren 50 Years  Southbank NFT, London  9th October 2011.

2010        Communion, Geography of Proximity, Malta Contemporary Art Foundation, Valletta, Malta, 14   ������ ������ ����������  ��������������   October-14  November 2010.  curated by Mark Mangion, Alessandro Casstiglioni.

                  Communion, Little Constellation, Fabbrica del  Vapore, Milan, 9th March- 8th April 2010

Communion, First Memory, From Floor to Sky ��� British Sculpture and the Studio Experience, curated by Peter         ���� ��     ��  Kardia   Ambika P3, London,  4th March-5th April 20

First Memory, and Temenos (extract) in For the Sake of the  Image, Jerwood Space, London. Exhibition Events curated by Suki Chan. 22, March 2010

2008        Temenos in Tatton Park Biennal,  Magic Landscapes, Film programme 25 May 2008

Now I am yours  in HOMAGE 68 – SUBVERSIVE FILM

Film Selection and Round Table Discussion by Slavoj Zizek, Ernesto Laclau,

Chantal Mouffe, Neil Leach, Frank Furedi, Brian Holmes, Karl-Heinz Dellw,  Gabriella Rollnik 18-24 May  �� 2008.  Zagreb, Croatia

2007        Retrospective: The Subjective Camera 25th April -3-May,  Greenwich Picturehouse, London 2 May 2007  ��

2006  ��  ��  Temenos in Sacred Space,13th International Conference, Centre for Literature, Theology and the Arts,University of Stirling, 20-22 October 2006

2005        Temenos and Stabat Mater  in The Sacred and the Feminine: Image, Music, Text, Space, AHRB CentreCATH, University of Leeds with ERCIF of the University of Bordeaux 14-16 January  2005

Ephemeral Cities Deptford X, London, A2 Arts Web Project

2004        Location in Light Reading,, London

First Memory, Stabat Mater, “Now I am yours”, Temenos in  Experiments in   �������� ������ �� ����   Moving Image, Old           ����     �������Lumiere’ Cinema, University of  Westminster, London 25-31 January 2004

2003�� ���� ��������������������������  Artist: Luxonline   HYPERLINK “”

2002        Stabat Mater in The Space of the Female Gaze, TART Salon, London

2001        Temenos and “Now I am yours”, 291 Gallery, London 20 November 2001

Temenos, Now I am Yours Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey 14-15 June 2001

Temenos, Brighton Cinémathèque, UK 22 March 2001

The Barn Cinema, Dartington, UK 4 March 2001

Temenos, Lux Cinema, London 31 January 2001

2000 ��      Temenos, Scratch Projections, L’Entrepot Cinema, Paris, France  17 October 200

Temenos in Sacred Places, Lux Cinema, London 6, 8, 11th October 2000

Dnet, LUX, October 2000

2001        “Now I am yours” and Temenos at the 291 Gallery, Gil Addison, Filmwaves no 16, 2001

1999        Temenos, Melbourne Cinémathèque, Melbourne, Australia�� 25 July 1999

Deptford X,. 17June-2 July 2000

Harwich Film Festival, 21 March 1999

STUC, KunstenCentrum, Leuven, Belgium

1998        Hi-Lites from the LFF, Soho House, London  26 November l998

Temenso, 42nd London International Film Festival, Lux Cinema, London 15 November l998

World Premiere of Temenos, 52nd Edinburgh International Film Festival 19 August l998

“Now I am yours” in Bad Religion, Lux Cinema, London  15 March  l998

1997 ������������  ����   Rainbow Stories,  LUX Cinema, London, 28 September 1997

World Premiere of The Silence is Baroque in the portmanteau feature film Rainbow Stories, Rotterdam      International Film Festival, The Netherlands 1 February 1997

1996 ��      Bottom Trawling, Bradford Festival TV, Yorkshire Cable, Channel Thirteen, 28 June 1996

Stabat Mater in All that is Solid Melts into Air: 30 Years of the LFMC and  the British Avant Garde,   �� Pandaemonium, ICA, London��  12 March l996

1995   ���� ��  “Now I am yours”, Eat Carpet, SBS-TV, Australia

���Now I am yours”, television broadcast on Kunst Kanaal TV, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 2 April           1995

       ����          Stabat Mater in The British Avant Garde 1967-1990, London Filmmakers���

Co-op Cinema  3 November l995

Retina, IV International Film and Video Festival, Hungary���������� 22-25 June l995

1994 ����������������������     “Now I am Yours”, Scratch Projections, L’Entrepot Cinema, Paris, France 22  November l994

“Quelles Hystéries?���, Galerie du Cloître, Ecole R��gionale des Beaux Arts,

Rennes, France 24 October-19 November l994

Potato, IAS, London 23September-22 October l994

Avant-garde aus London—Films of Nina Danino, Freunde der Deutche , Berlin,

Kinematek, Arsenal Cinema, Berlin, Germany������ 4 October 1994

Feminale, Frauen Film Festival, Koln, Germany 30 September 1994

���Now I am  yours���, Psychoanalysis and the Image, ICA, London 11-12 June 1994

IMPACKT Film Festival, Utrecht, The Netherlands 4-8 May l994

                  Women in the Director���s Chair, International Film Festival, Chicago, USA 17-20 March  l994

Now I am yours��� in (S/T)extuality: Poetic Licence, Pacific Film Archive, University of California, ��  ��  ��  Berkeley, USA���� 9 February l994

1993  ����     Stabat Mater in Mother Line, London Filmmakers’ Co-op Cinema

Premiere of “Now I am yours” in Dreams, Visions and Rapture, Art and

Experiment, 37th London International Film Festival, National Film Theatre, London 9 November  1993

���Now I am yours���, broadcast on Late Night Experiment, Channel Four  1 November l993

Stabat Mater in ���Imaging the Female”, Experimental Women, Birkbeck November 1993

College, University of London

“Now I am yours” New British Work London Filmmakers Co-Op 19 June l993

Close to Home, Topologies, Out of Place, London Filmmakers Co-op 28 May l993

1992        Stabat Mater,  Driving the Loop: New British Filmmakers,

Tate Britain, London���� 19 September l992

Stabat Mater, Preview Show, London Filmmakers Co-op 25April 1992

1991 ����  ���� �� Close to Home, A Sense of Place, London Filmmakers Co-op 27 July 1991

Stabat Mater in International Avant-Garde, National Film Theatre, London 16 April 1991

New British Work, Pleasure Dome, Toronto, Canada

1990        Stabat Mater, Personalities, Sexualities, Identities 9 December l990

Premiere of Stabat Mater in Personalities, Sexualities, Identities,

34th London International Film Festival, London Filmmakers’ Co-op Cinema  25 November l990

1989        Whitechapel Open, Whitechapel Gallery, London  15-29 September, l989

1988        Close to Home in Silence in View, London Filmmakers��� Co-op Cinema  14 October l988

1987     ��  Close to Home  in Rituals of Memory, London Filmmakers��� Co-op Cinema 16 May l987

1985        Premiere of Close to Home, Edinburgh International Film Festival 19 August l985

Close to Home, Summer Show, London Film-makers Co-op 6 July l985

Close to Home, Labyrinths, London Filmmakers’ Co-op Cinema,  9 March l985

                  Close to Home, Cambridge Dark Room, Cambridge, presented by Penny Webb, 16 January l965

1984 ��    �� First Memory in Women in Film, Brewery Arts Centre, Cumbria,  3 October l984

1983 ��   ��  First Memory in Word and Image, London Filmmakers’ Co-op Cinema ,8 December l983

1982        First Memory in New British Avant-garde Film, Freunde der Deutche

Kinematek, Arsenal Cinema, Berlin, Germany 21st June 1982

1981  ��     First Memory, Summer Show, London Film Makers Co-op, 6-11 Juny l981

About the Pictures in this Room: Five RCA Environmental Media

Artists, Seven Dials Gallery, London 20-25 July 1981

Premiere of First Memory  16mm in New Contemporaries, ICA, London

1980    ��   Premiere of First Memory, Multi-Media, Projection in About Time/

Women’s Images of Men, ICA, London 24 October l980

1976���� ����   New Contemporaries, (Painting) International Arts Centre, London

Stowell���s Trophy,(Painting)  Royal Academy, London, 20-25 January, 1976





2013     Production Grant, The Albert Ferrary Trust.Gibraltar

2013  ���� ����  Ministry of Culture, Gibraltar

2013  ��  Arts Council of England, Grant for the Arts Award.

2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2007, 2004, 2002, 2001, Research Support Awards,

Goldsmiths,    University of London

2009     Arts Council of England,   Grant for the Arts Award

2004     Ministry of Culture, Gibraltar

2002 ��   Arts Council of England Publishing Award

2000     Arts Council of England Publishing Award

1997     National Lottery Cinema Films, Arts Council of England

1996  ��  Production Projects, British Film Institute

1995     Rainbow Stories, Studio Een, Netherlands

1994     Development Funding, London Production Fund

1993     Development Funding, London Production Fund

1991     Experimenta Award, C4 and the Arts Council of Great Britain

1988,1985, l984,  1982, 1981,  Artists’ Film and Video Awards, Arts Council of Great Britain

l982      British Council Travel Awards





2003-06  Visiting Researcher: Radio Gibraltar Sound Library, Gibraltar

1997       Creative Production Residency: CICV (Centre International de Creation Video,

CentrePiere Schaeffer, Montebeliard, Belfort, France.




            British Film Institute, National Film and Television Archive, UK

LUXONLINE,   British artists����� film and video on-line web resource

British Artists’ Film and Video Study Collection, Central St. Martins College of

Art and Design,  University of the Arts, London, UK

Little Constellation Network Library Archive, Contemporary art in the geo-cultural micro-areas�� and       �� small States of Europe, Nua New Contemporary arts and research, Republic  of San Marino

Time Line Collection, , Universitty of Konstfack, Sweden





“…and the figtrees in the Alameda gardens” (2013), with text by Nina Danino, “Gibraltar and the Filmic Imagination�������, Mousse Publishing Milan, ISBN  9788867490356   P32  Limited Edition of 300.  16.5 x 23.5 cm

Communion, (2013) Nina Danino P8 with text  by Sarah Cooper. Printed on Conquerer High White Wove.�� Mixed media hand-printed letterpress with digital illustrations. Hand sewn. Limited Edition of 100. Published by Temporal Films London.�� Printed by Eergreen Press 14.8 x 21cm.  ISBN�� 978 0 9926883

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2013     “Introduction to Chantal Akerman’s Early Films”, Chantal Akerman season programmed by Anosamours      ��     ��   ICA, 25th    November 2013

* Mapping Gibraltar: Local Seeds of Knowledge’  “Subjective Maps/Disappearances, Workshop:  Of   �� ����  ��  Other  Places 2014-15, National Gallery of Iceland, Reykjavik 19th May 2013

2012  ������    Communion  screening and panel discussion in Three Faiths Forum,  Urban Dialogues, with Aaron Rosen, Roaslind Parker  chaired by Paul Bayley, Red Gallery,  28th November 2012

2010        Communion screening and talk, ���Attending to the Other” Critical Theory and Spritual Practice, Film and Religion panel, “Producing Film, Producing Otherness�����  Chaired by S.Brent Plate, 15th International Conference for the International Society for Religion, Literature and Culture, (ISRLC), University of Oxford, St. Catherine’ College. 24th November,   23-26th November. 2010.

For the Sake of  the  Image, Jerwood Space, London. Exhibition Events. Panel discussion on   sound          and the voice  Nina Danino, Larry Syder chaired by Gareth Evans, 22 March 2010

2007   ����    ‘Art Practices: Nina Danino, Shuli Nachshon,  Kate Southworth,��� in ‘Challenging Cultures of Death- Mercy not Sacrifice’,Institute for Feminism and Religion, Institute for Gender Studies, Trinity College, Dublin.24th November 2007.  HYPERLINK “”

2006       Temenos screening and Plenary Speaker, ‘Creating the Sacred?’ in Sacred Space. 13th International Conference of the International Society for Religion, Literature and Culture, (ISRLC) University of Stirling. A conference in the academic literary and theological fields,      with panels on music, film and the visual arts.  ������������

2005  * ‘ Stabat Mater screening and�� Talk. “Film and the Sacred��� in The Sacred and the Feminine: Image, Music, Text, Space, AHRB CentreCATH, University of Leeds with ERCIF of the University of Bordeaux Convenor:  Griselda Pollock.

2001   * ���Screening of Temenos and Lecture: British Experimental Film and Video’. 5th International Symposium: ‘Retrospective: Aesthetics and Art in the 20th Century’���� SANART (Association for Aesthetics and Visual Culture), Middle East Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, Ankara, Turkey , June 2001

2000        Seminar Paper ���The Image in the Visionary Experience of Teresa of Jesus’ in Space, Time and the Image, Birkbeck College, Faculty of Continuing Education, University of London, Convenor;  Carolyn Gill

1998  *   Seminar Paper ‘Temenos: Film, Time and the Visionary’. in Space, Time and the Image, Birkbeck College, Faculty of Continuing Education, University of London

1997    ������   Seminar Paper “Time and Black Film” in Time and the Image, Birkbeck College, Faculty of Continuing Education, University of London, Convenor; Carolyn Gill

1994        ���Now I am yours” screening and Talk in  Psychoanalysis and the Image,�� Convenor:�� Parveen Adams:

Speakers : Kaya Silverman, Jean Matthee, Leo Bersani, Nina Danino, Andrea Fisher, Mark Cousins, Olivier Richon, Joan Copjec, Darian Leader, Slavoy Zizek, ICA, London

1994 ������   ���� Stabat Mater in Time and the Image, Birkbeck College, Faculty of Continuing Education, University of London; Convenor Carolyn Gill

1994 ������      “Now I am yours��� and talk, Hispanic Studies Film Seminar, Department of Spanish and Portuguese, University of Cambridge

“Now I am yours” and talk in MA Architecture and Critical Theory Film Seminar, hosted by Neil Leach Nottingham University

Stabat Mater screening and talk, Gibraltar, Delegation visit of the Fourteenth International James Joyce Symposium; Seville, Spain.

1993�� *  �����Speaking in the Dark: Film, The Voice and Teresa of Jesus��� Speaking

Texts’, Woman/Image/Text, Sheffield Hallam University




2000 to date ��   ���� Senior Lecturer in Fine Art, Department of Art, Goldsmiths, University of London

2000 – 1993     ��  Visiting Lecturer in Fine Art, Camberwell School of Arts, The London Institute

1999      ��     ����  �� Part-Time Lecturer in Visual Culture, Film and Media, Middlesex University

1996-1993     ����    Member of Academic Staff, General Studies, Graduate School and Film and Video Tutor, Intermediate School, Architectural Association School of Architecture, London

1994-1993          Visiting Lecturer in Fine Art, Department of Art, Kingston University


1993-1990          Associate Lecturer in Fine Art, Combined and Media, School of Cultural Studies,Sheffield Hallam University

1994-1984    �������������������� ����  Visiting Lecturer: Staffordshire University, University of Humberside, Cardiff Institute of Higher Education, Central St. Martins School of Art, London College of Printing, Goldsmiths’ College, Winchester School of Art.




2002-2005  External Examiner,  B.A. Film and Video, School of Media Art and Design, University of Wales, Newport.

2002-2005 External Examiner  M.A. Film, International Film School Wales, University of Wales, Newport.




Reader and Film Script Editor, The European Script Fund (Spanish) 1993

Film and Video Editor and Assistant: Factual programmes  BBC and Independent

documentary and feature films C4, BFI,  Arts Council�� l982-1989.
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