First Memory  1980 UK
2-screen Multi-Media Projection:
Slide tape, Super 8 film, colour, sound, 27 mins 20 secs
Directed and spoken by Nina Danino
Slide Photography and Super 8 filming: Nina Danino
Audio-visual Technician: Alan Vallis
Recorded and produced by Nina Danino
Environmental Media Studio, Royal College of Art, London:
1980 First Memory, Multi-Media Projection, Premiere: About Time/
Women’s Images of Men, Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA), London


First Memory 1981 UK
16mm, colour, magnetic sound, 20 mins
Voice: Nina Danino
Camera: Ian Duncan
Audio-visual Technician: Alan Vallis
Produced at the Royal College of Art, London.
1981 First Memory  Premiere:  New Contemporaries, ICA, London


Close to Home 1982-1985 UK
16mm, black and white, sound, 28 mins
Filmed in Berlin and the Straits of Gibraltar
Directed, edited and spoken by Nina Danino
Camera: Arthur Howes and Kai Glawe
Sound Dub: Glentham Studios
Equipment: Nicky Hamlyn, Michael Mazière, Lucy Panteli,
London Filmmakers’ Co-op
Financial assistance from the Arts Council of Great Britain
1985 Close to Home Premiere: Edinburgh International Film Festival


Stabat Mater 1990 UK
16mm, colour, sound, 8 mins
Filmed, edited and spoken by Nina Danino
Singer: Elena Danino
Dubbing Mixer: Andrew Sears
16mm Optical Printing: Nick Collins
Post Production London Filmmakers’ Co-op
Financial assistance from the Arts Council of Great Britain
1990 Stabat Mater, Premiere:  Personalities, Sexualities, Identities,
33rd London International Film Festival


“Now I am yours” 1992 UK
16mm, colour and black and white, sound, 32 mins
The Ecstasy of St Teresa filmed in the Cornaro Chapel in Rome
Directed, edited and spoken by Nina Danino
Voice performance and electronic compositions: Shelley Hirsch
And Diamanda Galás curtesy of Mute Records
Lighting Cameraman: Christopher Hughes
Camera Assistant: Monica Zanolin
Voice Recording: David Hunt
Image post-production: Chrysallis TV
Executive producers David Curtis ACGB and Rod Stoneman C4
Financial assistance from the Arts Council of Great Britain and Channel Four
1993 “Now I am yours”  Premiere: Dreams, Visions and Rapture, Art and
Experiment, 37th London International Film Festival
Broadcast: Late Night Experiment, Channel Four TV, Kunst Kanaal TV, The Netherlands, Eat Carpet, SBS-TV, Australia


The Silence is Baroque 1997  The Netherlands
– Episode in the portmanteau feature film Rainbow Stories 75 mins, 1997, The Netherlands
The Silence is Baroque
16mm, colour, sound, 12 mins
Filmed in Granada and Seville by Nina Danino
Singer: Anonymous
Location sound recording: Paco Tejero
Avid Editors: Jaime Estrada, Graham McGuiness
Sound Engineer: David Hunt
Dubbing Mixer: Billy Mahoney
Producer: Karel Doing, Studio één, The Netherlands
1997 Rainbow Stories: Premiere, Rotterdam International Film Festival, The Netherlands


Temenos 1998 Great Britain/France
35mm/16mm/Beta SP, colour and black and white, sound, 75 mins
Filmed in Bosnia, England, France and Portugal
Directed by Nina Danino
Singers: Sainkho Namchylak, Shelley Hirsch
and Catherine Bott
Pavlo Beznosiuk: Vielles
Photography: David Scott, Nick Gordon Smith
Lightworks Editors: Sadiq D Mohamed, David Lewis
Electronic Image and On-line Editor: Bernard Bats
Dubbing Mixer: Paul Hamblin
Production Coordinator: Yasmina Demoly (CICV, France)
Executive Producer: Steve Brookes, British Film Institute
Produced by Nina Danino and James Mackay Basilisk Films
Financed by The British Film Institute, CICV—Centre Pierre Schaeffer, Montbéliard, Belfort, France, The London Production Fund, National Lottery,The Arts Council of England
Co-production  France/England
1998 Temenos, World Premiere: 52nd Edinburgh International Film Festival
Festival Book of Lists: Temenos 1st of 12 Films with Fab Soundtracks.
Temenos,  42nd London International Film Festival, Lux Cinema, London
2000, Theatrical Release Lux Cinema, London and at Regional Cinemas,
2004 DVD Release Temenos, 1998, dir. Nina Danino, Histories of the Avant-Garde series, London: British Film Institute


Communion 2010 UK
35mm, black and white, silent, transferred to High Definition, 10 minutes
Director: Nina Danino
Cinematographer: Billy Williams BSC
Editor: Nina Danino,  David Dickson
Grading: Paul Dean
HD Post Production: Toby Glover
Online Editor: Steve Murgatroyd
Focus Puller: Oliver Ledwith
Stills Photographer:  Jane Atkins
Producer Nina Danino
Co-Producer: Tracy Bass
Financed by Goldsmiths, University of London and The Arts Council of England.
2010  Communion  Premiere:  From Floor to Sky – British Sculpture and the Studio Experience” AmbikaP3, London.


Apparitions 2013 UK
HD and Super 8, black and white, sound, 15 minutes
Filmed and spoken by Nina Danino
Song by Elena Danino
Electronic Composition: Paul B. Davis
Editor: Katherine Lee
Produced by Temporal Films ©2013


Jennifer 2015, UK/Gibraltar
4K, colour 72 mins
Supervising Cinematographer: Tim Sidell
Camera interiors monastery: Alejandro Roman
Editor: Elisa Cepedal
Sound Design: Joakim Sundström
Director and Produced by Nina Danino
Financial Assistance from the Government of Gibraltar.
Temporal Films ©2015
2015   Premiere: 41 Edición Festival del Cine Iberoamericano de Huelva (Sección Puerta Europa) 2015


Sorelle Povere di Santa Chiara 2016, UK
16mm, black and white, 12 mins
Photography and Editing:  Nina Danino
Camera Assistant: Daniela Baruli
Financial Assistance Goldsmiths, University of London.
2016 Premiere: Ann Arbour International Film Festival, US, 2016
Alchemy Film Festival, 2016


I Die of Sadness Crying For You  2019, UK
Digital, colour and black and white, 70 mins.
Written and Narrated by Nina Danino
Featuring performances by Marifé de Triana
With contemporary performances by Yolanda Figueroa, Elena Danino
World Premiere: 2019
Production: Temporal Films
Online: Ellie Stiles
Grade: Alex Seery
Editing: Juan Soto, John Veal
Sound Mix: Michael Koderisch
Graphic Design: Adrian Curry
Produced and Directed by Nina Danino
Financed by the Arts Council of England.
Temporal Films©2019
2019  World Premiere:  63rd London International Film Festival 2019
Seville European Film Festival 2019



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