I Die Of Sadness Crying For You

I Die of Sadness Crying For You,  2019
World Premiere BFI London Film Festival, 5th and 11th October 2019

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What a terrific work about this form of song. Powerful emotions, powerful women and voices that speak from the margins of respectability.” – Catherine Elwes


I love the way it follows your interest in the female voice, the embodiment of emotion and the way you communicated through a text, weaving memory, observation, theory and the lyrics in addition to giving space to those wonderful performers.” – Althea Greenan


The film takes us to the lyrical places where the women of copla can be found;  the cinema, the port, cabarets, praying to the crucifixes in their bedrooms. A journey to the south, in search of locations for a film The Far South  –   looking for personal memory and the women of copla –  the singers and the women characters within the songs, who defy, challenge, cry, perform happiness and who themselves perform sorrow.


UK, June 2019

Duration: 70 minutes

Format: Digital (16:9)

Sound: Stereo LT RT 25fps

Language: English narration. Spanish songs translated

Colour and Black and White



Alice Mascarhenas ‘Inside a Filmmakers’ Mind’, Gibraltar Chronicle, 5 October 2019

Elizabetta Fabrizi, ‘BFI London Film Festival: Experimenta’ Art Monthly no 431 November 2019

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Photo: Sergio Mediavilla



Written and Narrated by Nina Danino
Featuring performances by Marifé de Triana
and live performances by Yolanda Figueroa, Elena Danino
World Premiere: 2019
Production: Temporal Films
Online : Ellie Stiles  Colourist: Alex Seery
Editing: Juan Soto, John Veal
Sound Mix: Michael Koderisch
Graphic Design: Adrian Curry
Produced and Directed by Nina Danino
2019 © Temporal Films


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