16mm Production Still 2021


Solitude, 2022, 72 minutes, black and white and colour


“…then on the shore of the wide world I stand alone, and think
Till love and fame to nothingness do sink.”
1818 John Keats


Readings from the poets Byron, Keats, Brontë, Tennyson, Coleridge and songs from the dark repertoire of the singer Nico with portraits from the films of Philippe Garrel circa 1975 and Andy Warhol’s The Chelsea Girls and swirling electronic music from Ash Ra Tempel and new electric guitar sound track by James Creed and tracks to the songs by Graham Dowdall aka Gagarin and ex of The Faction, with new images of the River Thames put together in an elegy on iconicity, vocality, finitude and solitude.



With support from The Arts Council of England.


Film Still: Le Berceau de Cristal (1976) Philippe Garrel