Meteorologies, installation for three vitrines, Palacio de la Diputación, Cadiz, 2019

Photo: Julio Bulpe



Meteorologies, 2013


Multi-media installation, books View Book, prints, photographs, maps, wall texts and audio 21 minutes on headphones.  The vitrines were designed for the Celestino Mutis (d.1808) exhibition at the Palacio de la Diputación, Cadiz (2008).


Una vaga zona geográfica/A Vague Geographic Zone  is an ongoing and cycle of works with shared and interchangeable materials set in the Mediterranean climate and geography and the small region around Gibraltar and the Straits.  The cycle maps an intersubjective geography with photographs, novels, films and writing.



“Calm Time” 2013. Track 1.




Easterly Winds, Palacio de la Diputación, Cadiz, 2019
“…and the figtrees in the Alameda gardens”, The Garrison Library, Gibraltar, 2013
Subjective Maps/Disappearances, National Gallery of Iceland, Reykjavik, 2013

The Bay and The Straits

Installation ViewAlcultura, Algeciras, Spain,  July-August 2018


The installation showed two works in shipping containers set in the Bay of Gibraltar and The Straits made at different times.  


Close to Home ( 1982-85) is a 16mm film comprised of two parts. Part one was shot in Berlin and part two are a series of shots from a ferry as it leaves Gibraltar in the distance as it enters the Straits.    Part two of the film was shown with a remixed soundtrack.


Apparitions (2013) is a multi-media expanded work of a set of five photographs sourced from small album photographs and a video of 15 mins in which a camera scrutinises these five small, hand sized photographs as they evoke a narration of responses and memories in response.  The installation includes a booklet with the text of the spoken Apparitions soundtrack.




Sorelle Povere di Santa Chiara

Photos: Dean Brannagan


Sorelle Povere di Santa Chiara, 2016


This title includes number of  works made with the community of Poor Clares, in the Monastery of Santa Chiara, Republic of San Marino.  A video of individual to camera responses by the ten nuns in the community who each responds to a set of unheard questions, 40 mins. The video includes a transcript of the responses in Italian and translated into English.

A 6-channel audio of the voices of each nun and field recordings of the monastery, 13.45 mins.

My profound gratitude to the Sorelle Povere, in the monastery of Santa Chiara, San Marino.


The works have been curated differently for several installations.  For St. Augustine’s Church, London, a flatbed TV was divided into two screens with the 16mm film Sorelle Povere di Santa Chiara (2016) and the video interviews (2016).   The 6-channel audio played over the church audio system in scheduled programme. Church stands displayed printed transcriptions of the audio.


An artists’  publication with an essay by Nina Danino was added to the installation displayed in the chapel niche. Both publications are designed by Fraser Muggeridge Studio.


With support from a Research Award, Department of Art, Goldsmiths, 2018.


Installation views

Austin Forum, St. Augustine’s Church, Hammersmith, London  30 October-30 November, 2018

‘Voices of the Sirens’, Montagu Bastion, Gibraltar 24 June – 21 August 2015





“…and the figtrees in the Alameda gardens”

“…and the figtrees in the Alameda gardens” 2013, The Gibraltar Garrison Library, 2013

Photos: John Bujeiga


“…and the figtrees in the Alameda gardens” 2013


Installation of  Stabat Mater,  First Memory, Close to Home playing on monitors, a large vitrine divided into

two parts with archive from two of the films, a display of documents for the library furniture and

interventions in the bookcases.


Upper Reading Room

Main vitrine installation

‘Image and Narrative’ : light box with slides from the film, graphs, script, narration from the production archive of First Memory 1981

‘Mappings and Readings’: light box with film strips from the film, maps, books, texts from the research archive of  Stabat Mater 1990



Intervention in the Upper Reading Room bookcases of four books from the artist’s library.


Map Room

Partners’ Desk : from the archive of  Close to Home 1982-1985, a photograph, the filming map of Berlin, a letter.


Small Publication

“…and the figures in the Alameda gardens” : Gibraltar and the Filmic Imagination,  Nina Danino, Mousse Publishing 2013



“…and the figtrees in the Alameda gardens”  Invitation  2013

“…and the figtrees in the Alameda gardens”  Invitation  2013

Installation view : “…and the figtrees in the Alameda gardens”  1993



Photos:  John Bugeija


Communion (2010), 35mm transferred to HD, black and white, silent, 10 mins.

Installation at The Queen’s Cinema, Gibraltar


Communion was projected in High Definition on the 24ft cinema screen.   The installation included a Billboard poster ( 200cm x 600cm  on blue back cinema poster paper) for the exterior facade. The 3-day projection event ended with a Q&A with journalist Alice Mascarenhas and guests.  November 2013


Supported by the Arts Council of England and The Ministry of Culture, Government of Gibraltar.


The Queen’s Cinema was built in 1957  and closed in 2006.  At the time of the installation in 2013 it was architecturally preserved including seating and 35mm projection booth. The Queen’s  was one of the few remaining historic cinemas in Europe – it was demolished in 2019.




Photos:  Victoria Proffitt


Communion (2010), 35mm transferred to HD, black and white, silent, 10 mins.

Installation at Heath Street Baptist Church, Hampstead London

Presented by ArtProjx.


The installation included printed works for the exterior church notice cabinets  and Communion a limited edition publication with a text by Sarah Cooper, author of  The Soul of Film Theory. Palgrave Macmillan 2013


The  exhibition concluded with a panel discussion, “Art, Cinema and the Soul” with the participation of  David Gryn, Reverend Ewan King, Dr. Sarah Cooper, Dr. Gilda Williams and Nina Danino.


Supported by the Arts Council of England.   


Flyer for the talk at Heath Street, 2013

Poster  69cm x 49cm  for the display cabinets, Heath Street Baptist Church,  2013



Photo  John Bugeja

Terrace, 2012

Video, 1 minute  continuous.


The balcony,  Journey to Italy (1954) Dir. Roberto Rossellini, accompanied by a text for the wall.


Above: “…and the figtrees in the Alameda gardens”,  Gibraltar Garrison Library, Gibraltar, 2013


Gibraltar-Genoa 2012


Live radio transmissions from Gibraltar Radio 91.3 FM on headphones positioned by the windows of the upper floor of the Villa Croce Museum of Contemporary Art, Genoa which have a view to the sea.   The window shutters usually kept closed were opened.


Above: “Land seen from the Sea”, Villa Croce Museum of Contemporary  Art, Genoa, Italy 2012.

Gibraltar-Genoa is part of Una vaga zona geográfica/A Vague Geographic Zone – an ongoing cycle of  visual, audio works and writing which draw on personal archive, photographs, novels, films set in the Mediterranean and the climate and geography of a small region around Gibraltar and the Straits.

First Memory

Photo Erica Scourti

First Memory 1980

Multi-Media Projection:  Graph, 35mm slides , Super 8 film, 2 screens, 4 Kodak SAV carousels,  2 Super 8 film projectors, colour, sound, 27 mins 20 seconds.


“How can I create a distinct and self contained image which has a link to the next image and thereby creates a type of narrative”  Nina Danino, Image and Narrative, RCA 1979.

The slide-tape First Memory was originally presented as a two screen slide-tape and Super 8 film projection with sound which was shown publicly for the first and only time in the live events programme in About Time/Women’s Images of Men, ICA, London, 1980.

The work was then made as a two screen, slide-tape and audio 1981 and the 16mm film First Memory 1981 made from the slides.

“Nina Danino realises the potential of the voice in her work, through an audio narration, specifically the woman’s voice which was a marginalised form in experimental film and art. Time is used to communicate emotion and the experiential to an audience.  The work initiated a body of 16mm and 35mm films over the next 17 years which often describe states which are elusive, such as the affect of place, memory and time. They represent from the woman’s experience and from the perspective of absence or what is not able to be represented, using narrative and the performative power of the woman’s voice”  Yasmeen Baig-Clifford, Slide-Tape, Programme notes, 2013.

1981 Premiere: About Time/Women’s Images of Men, Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA), London


Photography and Voice : Nina Danino
Audio Visual Technician: Alan Vallis
Produced by Nina Danino at Environmental Media, Royal College of Art, London.


Above:  First Memory, rehearsal of Edit 1 with slide-tape and Super 8 film. From Floor to Sky: British Sculpture and the Studio Experience,  Ambika P3, London 2010
SLIDE/TAPE : Key works in the UK since the 1960s, Vivid Projects, Birmingham, 2013