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Theorem 2018:  by Jane Boyer ( Nina Danino Essay), pp221-243 Cambridge School of Art, Anglia Ruskin, University. Ruskin Arts Publications. 2019 View Book

‘Jennifer’ pp 41-46 essay in small publication Microcinema, New Artist’s Moving Image, Then and Now, Eds. James Mackay, Daniel Fawcett & Clara Pais, Cambridge Film Trust, 2017  ISBN 978 1-9998399-0-1

‘Women of the London Filmmakers Co-op’, Pp 164-179 (16p). Round table discussion convened by Nina Danino. Authors: Nina Danino, Jean Matthee, Ruth Novaczek, Sarah Pucill, Allia Syed. Chaired by Maria Palacios Cruz, Moving Image Review and Art Journal , MIRAJ Volume 4 No 1 and 2, Intellect Books, 2015

‘London Filmmakers’ Co-op – The Second Generation, pp. 236-247 (12p). Round table discussion convened by Nina Danino and Michael Mazière. Authors: Nina Danino, James, Mackay, Michael Mazière, Vicky Smith, William Fowler, Moving Image Review and Art Journal, MIRAJ, Collectives Volume 3 No. 2 Intellect Books, 2015

Nina Danino: Capturing an aura – the human presence on film.  Interview by Mary White, Cassone, online art history magazine, July 2012. www.cassone-art.com  Read interview here

Stabat Mater – A Nameless Place – Film, the Feminine and the Sacred‘. Chapter pp150-157 in The Sacred and the Feminine-Imagination and Sexual Difference, Griselda Pollock and Victoria, Turvey-Sauron eds London:  I.B.Tauris, 2007 P310  ISBN (Hardback) 978 1 84511 520 3  ISBN (Paperback) 978 1 84511 521 0  View Book

‘”Now I am yours” – Film, The Body, The Fold’, Pp93-101, Interview by Susanna Poole, Experimental Film and Video Anthology, Jackie Hatfield ed., London: John Libbey Publishing. 2006 ISBN 0-86196-664-3. View Book

‘Frame by Frame’ Interview by Alice Mascarenhas, Gibraltar Chronicle, 9 March 2006.  See article here.

Temenos and Other Places‘, pp20-23, Filmwaves, Issue 5 Summer 1998.

Speaking in the Dark; Film the Voice and Teresa of Jesus‘speaking texts’’, Pp 66-77 , Visionary Landscapes,  Black Dog Publishing2005  ISBN 1 904772 07 2

Landscape, Film and the Visionary’, Pp120-128, Visionary Landscapes, Black Dog Publishing, 2005  ISBN  1 904772 07 2

‘Cinema without Cinema’, Pp29-30, Cat.Experiments in Moving Image, Jackie Hatfield and Stephen Littman, eds., Epigraph Publications, 2005  ISBN: 1 902458 06 0  Catalogue for survey show of 50 years of film and video. View Cat.

 ‘The Intense Subject’, Pp 8-12. The Undercut Reader – Critical Writings on Artists’ Film and Video, Nina Danino and Michael Mazière eds. London: Wallflower Press, 2002  P 277 ISBN 1903364-47-7.

The Undercut Reader – Critical Writings on Artists’ Film and Video, Nina Danino and Michael Mazière eds. London: Wallflower Press 2002  P 277 ISBN 1903364-47-7.  A volume of critical writings on film and video by theorists, critics and artists and including photo essays by artists from the journalUndercut(1980-1990). Prefaced by five commissioned essays by Nina Danino, Barry Schwabsky, Michael Mazière,  Michael O’Pray and Julia Knight. View Book


Presentations, talks and interviews – online


Religion and Art : a  CHASE Research symposium November 2020   Visit website here

Cinema Radio Podcast “Interview with FredFilm Radio #NinaDanino presents her new film #IDIEOFSADNESSCRYINGFORYOU at #FredFilmRadio during the #LondonFilmFestival2019. 11 October 2019  Interview by Chiara Nicoletti. View here 

Rupture/Rapture/Jouissance – The Religious Trilogy 1990-1997 DVD. Launch Event with a reading from St. Teresa of Avila, 16mm screening of Stabat Mater (1990) and “Now I am yours” (1992). In conversation Nina Danino with the writer Adrian Rifkin hosted by LUX 18 November 2018.  Listen here

 LUXONLINE Interview by Lucy Reynolds published 2 April 2009. View 

The Touching Camera: The Body in the Works of Nina Danino, Jo-Ann Kaplan, Sarah Pucill, (La Cinepresa toccante).  Documentary dir. Susanna Poole, London Guildhall University and Santalucia Produzione 1998. View here